Interactive Food by Ward Map of Toronto Officially Launches

Have you heard of Food by Ward yet?!

In March of 2016, The TFPC launched the first version of Food by Ward as a set of static PDF documents detailing food assets and opportunities, ward by ward, across the City of Toronto. The resource also points to the unequal distribution of food assets across the city and addresses the barriers communities face when trying to find or start food programs. It tells the story of the incredible grassroots organizing around food that is happening across the city and makes the case that food should be considered as important as other urban infrastructure.

The Toronto Food Policy Council has now updated the PDFs and transferred all of the data to an online Carto Map that can be updated daily, if needed. Speaking of which, if you notice an error in the map, an update that is needed, or an asset or opportunity in your ward that should be added, please complete this Google Form. Once the corrections are verified the map will be updated within 24 hours.


OK, but how do I use the new Food by Ward Map??

The interactive map has 2 panels and 1 main viewing screen. The panel on the left hand side lists the 6 main categories that assets across the City can be broken down into, whereas the panel on the right hand side further subcategorizes these 6 categories by title and colour coding. The 6 categories are:

  • Emergency Food Programs
  • Community Food Services
  • Food Markets
  • Student Nutrition Programs
  • Community Gardens
  • Urban Agriculture

One or multiple categories above can be hidden from view to isolate for specific categories by unchecking the blue checkmark to the left of each category in the left hand panel. Likewise, ward outlines and median household income can also be hidden using the same method.

Each category is colour coded on the map. On the right hand side, you can also make each subcategory a different colour to more clearly see what type of assets are in your ward. To do this, on the right hand panel look to the immediate right of any category and you will notice a blue symbol that looks like an drop inside of a circle. When you hover your cursor over the symbol it will say “Apply Auto Style”. Click this and the subcategories within that specific category will each become a separate colour.

In the right hand panel, there is also a count shown on the far right hand side of each subcategory that automatically adjusts when you zoom in or out to tell you exactly how many assets of each type are visible in the main viewing screen.

You can zoom into your ward by clicking on the “+” symbol on the bottom left and zoom our or readjust using the “-” symbol. You can even type in your postal code using the magnifying glass symbol (directly to the right of the “+” symbol) and be automatically zoomed into a snapshot of your ward and its’ associated assets.

For example: I want to see how many food banks are in Ward 15.

  • On the left hand panel, I unclick everything, but “Emergency Food Programs” and “Toronto City Wards” (this step is not necessary, but makes viewing easier)

  • On the right hand panel, I hover over the blue symbol (a drop with a circle around it) to the right of “Emergency Food Programs” and click on it when it says “Apply Auto Style”

  • I zoom into Ward 15 and/or type in the corresponding postal code into the search button (bottom left)

  • On the right hand panel and in the map, the subcategory “Food Banks” is now shown in purple. The count says 8 food banks in the viewing panel, but if I count what’s within the Ward 15 boundaries, I can confirm there is only 1 food bank in the ward.

Want to know who is running in your ward for the October 2018 Municipal Election? 

  • Click in the grey area of any ward and a small box will appear that states, “Ward __. Find out who is running to be councillor for this ward in the 2018 election at My Vote Toronto.” Click on this link!