Ineke Booy and Martin de Groot

Ineke Booy and Martin de Groot of Mapleton’s Organic Dairy

 Local Food Heroes 2005

In 1980, Booy and de Groot emigrated from Holland and began working a 250-acre dairy farm in Wellington County. It is their mission to be more than just commodity producers, but food producers who are in touch with the earth and their consumers. Mapleton’s Organic Dairy Inc. launched in 1999 when the family began processing milk into organic ice cream and yogurt, and sold it at a small retail store. Today, a café exists to serve the steady demand of organic ice cream lovers, and also stocks some lunch items, dry goods, seasonal produce and meat offerings.

Unique Food System Problem

After farming conventionally for 10 years, the growing family became concerned about the impact of the pesticides and fertilizers they were using on their personal and community health and on the environment. Subsequently, they made the decision to become organic.

Unique Food System Solution

Since the birth of Mapleton’s Organic Dairy, a steady stream of faithful customers has encouraged them to expand. Today, Booy and de Groot continue to farm organically, produce food for sale directly to the public, and educate their consumers on the importance of natural, non-genetically modified food, as well as animal welfare.