Hyper-Local Food: Roof to Table Restaurants in Toronto

April 19th, 2021

Avling Brewery is a new Queen St. East restaurant that has been making headlines lately for not only its delicious craft beer but for the market garden located on its roof!

In a recent Toronto Star article, Chris Johns profiles the various Toronto restaurants that have taken to producing everything from fruits and vegetables to herbs and honey on-site and on the roof!

Montgomery’s Restaurant has long been growing its own ingredients. Due to pandemic lockdowns, the restaurant has pivoted to offer a Grass Root Food box with fruits, vegetables, meats and cheeses from the vendors they source from for their dishes. The box

Rooftops are an untapped resource in the restaurant industry as they can help alleviate product sourcing costs but also are a draw for eaters and urban agriculture enthusiasts alike! For restaurants looking to distinguish their brand and appeal to the sustainably-minded, looking to the roof might provide some fruitful ideas.

Read the full article https://www.thestar.com/life/food_wine/2021/04/15/move-over-farm-to-table-rooftop-to-table-is-the-latest-word-in-eating-local.html