7 Reasons You Should Care About Seed Diversity

“According to research conducted by National Geographic, in 1903, there were 408 distinct tomato varieties sold by commercial seed companies in the United States. By 1983, the number had declined to 79. The loss was even more severe with other vegetables: cabbage varieties dropped from 544 to 28; lettuces from 497 to 36; and radishes from 463 to 27. All told, we lost 93 percent of vegetable varieties during this 80-year period.”

Here are 7 reasons to protect seed diversity:

  1. To preserve world heritage variety flavours
  2. To grow food in all of Earth’s microclimates
  3. To be resilient and adaptable in the face of climate change
  4. To stay a step ahead of pests and disease
  5. To extend harvests
  6. To avoid government bail outs when crops fail – the more diverse the planting, the less you stand to lose
  7. To learn the stories behind the seed, which are intertwined with those who first cultivated them

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