Gail Gordon Oliver

Gail Gordon Oliver of ‘Edible Toronto’ magazine

Local Food Hero 2011

Gail Gordon Oliver is the owner, publisher and editor of Edible Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe, a beautifully presented magazine that showcases the food of southern Ontario’s past, present, and promising future. Gordon Oliver founded the Toronto franchise of the magazine five years ago, and there are now over 70 different magazines in the ‘Edible’ community (only two in Canada—Toronto and Vancouver). It has been a great experience for her, preparing eachof the 17 editions, and meeting everyone in the local food community, including the TFPC.

Unique Food System Problem

Gail is a proud supporter of local food. She believes that local food tastes better, is better for the environment, and that the sheer abundance of everything there is to discover in the southern Ontario region is an exciting opportunity for all resident communities. With a large majority of the food marketed in Ontario sourced from distant farms, consumers are dissuaded from supporting healthy and sustainable food that can be found readily nearby.

Unique Food System Solution

Gail aims to showcase the natural abundance of the Greater Golden Horseshoe’s foodshed to the readers of Edible Toronto Magazine – the local food supply, culinary heritage, and the importance of a safe and sustainable future. Edible Toronto celebrates a passion for food and cooking and invites everyone to explore the local opportunities around them.