Fresh City Farms








Local Food Hero 2012

Fresh City Farms shows leadership in fresh food ideas, seeking creative partnerships and demonstrating initiative in bridging food-makers with consumers. They are located in Downsview Park on a two-acre farm with 15 member farmers. Their target consumers are individuals who would otherwise have no connections with local growers. They deliver local produce year round and import products not grown in Canada (such as bananas). In 2012, they launched their second season of production and deliver approximately 200 food boxes per week.

Unique Food System Problem

Fresh City Farms is aware that the current global food production system is not working. There are a host of environmental issues that harm the health of the planet and its inhabitants. The food that is produced fails to provide a minimum standard of living for farmers and disconnects consumers from the elements of food cultivation and production.

Unique Food System Solution

Fresh City Farms aims to be a market leader in “empowering all to make conscious food choices.” Fresh City Farms is focussed on creating new and sustainable ways to connect food growers and makers to consumers, and they are spreading their mandate through education, food production and delivery. Fresh City Farms is also a leader in urban agriculture initiatives and has been supportive of many aspiring farmers in incubating their growing abilities through small-plot production models. Residents of Toronto can engage with Fresh City Farms and support local organic agriculture by touring the farm, taking part in one of their farming workshops, volunteering or interning, or signing up for the Fresh City Box delivery service.