Fran and Michael Earle

July 5th, 2010
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Fran Earle, co-owner and manager of Molly B’s Gourmet Organics

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Molly B’s Gourmet Organics, owned and operated by Fran and Michael Earle, is a family-run business with first-hand knowledge of gluten intolerance. It is their mission is to produce delicious gluten-free products, free of additives, preservatives and GMOs, using only organic ingredients whenever possible. Molly B’s is a regular vendor at the Village Market at Waldorf in Thornhill.

Unique Food System Problem

Fran Earle has always had a great passion for food–cooking, tasting and appreciating. When she discovered that she was gluten-intolerant she felt devastated, believing that she would never again taste the variety of foods she had grown up eating.  Determined to continue to enjoy these foods, she delved into her substantial database of heirloom recipes and set out to convert them all to gluten-free recipes.

Unique Food System Solution

Through their dedication, the Earle’s have successfully brought healthy, gluten-free products to market.  Customers both with and without gluten allergies enjoy their foods for the exceptional taste in addition to the healthy content. Molly B’s products are prepared in a dedicated gluten-free facility and they offer a range of products including eggs, bread, pumpernickel, pie shells, butter and lemon tarts, brownies, and pizzas.

Their Current Work

Molly B’s, now known as Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen, still hosts a table at the Waldorf Village Market, with the added help of Sherri Goldberg, who has joined their operation. They have become a substantial producer of high-quality, gluten-free baked goods and custom flour blends, shipping to stores and restaurants across Canada.