Food Wasted in Canada Enough to Feed Everyone for Months

According to research conducted by Second Harvest, it was found that 58 percent of all food produced for Canadians, including imports, is wasted. Of that, 32 percent is avoidable. Nikkel says that it is enough food to feed every Canadian for five months for free. 

The food waste occurs all along the supply chain including at the farm, during the manufacturing process, transportation and at retail. The food waste increases the further back in the supply chain you go. According to Second Harvest’s research, only five percent of the waste occurs at the store level. 

Food waste is also one of the largest greenhouse gas emitters and is a significant contributor to climate change. 

Second Harvest recently launched their new online platform,, in B.C and Ontario, where food donors can post surplus food they have to offer and prevent it from going to waste. 

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