Food Waste by Sector: Exciting Initiatives In…

Approximately 50% of food that is wasted is generated when food is produced, when food products are processed, distributed and sold, and when food is prepared and served in commercial and institutional settings.[i] The following links examine initiatives that examine food waste through the food chain.

 Food Waste Recovery and Redistribution

Inglorious Fruits and Vegetables (video) Intermarché is a chain of French supermarkets that purchase and sell fruits and vegetables at a discounted price that their suppliers usually throw away.

The Food Waste Recovery Network This US-based organization unites students at colleges and universities to find ways to prevent food waste in their communities and to recover food for those in need.

Pay as you Feel Café (Video) This cafe in Leeds uses discarded food items.

Food Sharing Sites and Apps

Ontario Schools

Waste Free Lunch Challenge Developed by the Recycling Council of Ontario, this program helps elementary schools reduce the amount of waste they produce through educating teachers, parents and students.

Ontario EcoSchools This environmental education and certification program for schools promotes ecological literacy and sound environmental practices.

Ontario’s Agricultural Sector

Under the Government of Ontario’s Local Food Act, farmers are entitled to receive a tax credit for donating fresh fruits and vegetables to emergency food programs, such as food banks. More information can be found on the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Rural Affairs‘ website as well as the Ontario Association of Food Banks‘ website.

Health Care Facilities

Green Health Care This UK organization works to improve resource efficiency and reduce waste generated in healthcare facilities.

The Food Service Industry

LeanPath Food Waste Prevention This US-based company works with food service organizations to reduce food waste.
Sustainable Restaurant Association

Sustainable Restaurant Association This UK non-profit membership organization helps restaurants become more sustainable and helps diners make more sustainable food choices when eating in restaurants.

Green Restaurant Association This US non-profit organization helps restaurants, manufacturers, distributors, and consumers become more environmentally responsible.

Food Distribution and Retail

Waste Prevention Action in Retail and Manufacturing by the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP)

Tesco PLC This UK grocery store chain is developing a program to address food waste within its operations, its suppliers, and its customers.

Original Unverpackt This Berlin duo launched a supermarket with no packaging.

Sainsbury This UK grocery store chain has a facility powered by food waste.

Groceries Code Adjudicator (GCA) This UK watchdog oversees the relationship between grocery stores and their suppliers and documents supermarkets that refuse products from suppliers for cosmetic reasons or that tell suppliers to throw away excess product.


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