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About Food by Ward

Food by Ward initiative documents food assets and opportunities, ward by ward, across the City of Toronto.
The Food by Ward initiative aims to:

  • Grow the City of Toronto’s appetite for using food assets to solve city problems;
  • Make it easier for City staff and officials to see and use community food assets strategically, and;
  • Inspire, support, and guide community Food Champions in their work.

View our interactive map Food By Ward map here.

At it’s most basic the Food by Ward resource helps Toronto residents answer the questions:

  • Where is my closest food bank?
  • Where can I find a community garden in my ward?
  • Where are the farmers markets in Toronto?

The resource also points to the unequal distribution of food assets across the city and addresses the barriers communities face when trying to find or start food programs. It tells the story of the incredible grassroots organizing around food that is happening across the city and makes the case that food should be considered as important as other urban infrastructure.

Across Toronto, communities are building food assets to solve city problems like poor access to healthy food, social isolation, and economic development, and to address food insecurity. Toronto’s food policy leadership is recognized globally. Vibrant markets, neighbourhoods, and restaurants attract millions of tourists. The food sector accounts for one out of 10 jobs in the city. A vibrant food movement has developed a mosaic of gardens, farms, kitchens, and community spaces centred on good food. Yet 12% of Torontonians are food insecure and over 896,900 people visited food banks in Toronto last year.

Food by Ward showcases Toronto’s food assets and activities, and calls for greater attention to food as an integral element of our urban system.

Food by Ward goals:

  • Highlight the complexity of food resources, networks, and systems in Toronto by mapping food assets.
  • Showcase food assets and activities in each ward to help City Councillors see food assets in their communities and
    integrate this into broader planning and decision-making at the City.
  • Build tools, skills, capacity, and channels so food leaders are able to move food priorities forward.
  • Strengthen and connect local and city-wide food networks to facilitate conversations on food with City Councillors
    and city leaders.
  • Advocate for the equitable distribution of food assets in all wards across the city.

The Food by Ward initiative has engaged over 200 Food Champions across the City of Toronto. Food Champions are people who care about food, healthy communities, and economic development, and are working together to protect, promote, and strengthen food assets.

Have you noticed that there are some errors in the Food by Ward document for your ward? Are there updates needed to the data? Do you have an asset or opportunity in your ward that should be added?

Please complete this Google Form and let us know what needs to be updated, changed, added or removed. These corrections will be verified and then added to the Food by Ward document periodically.

View our interactive map Food By Ward map here.

Food by Ward Resources and References

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