The ‘What We Heard Report’ for a #FoodPolicy4Canada Now Out

The long-awaited Agriculture and Agri-food Canada What We Heard Report on Food Policy has been released!

The What We Heard Report for a #FoodPolicy4Canada is out now and was created with the help of more than 45,000 Canadians who shared their ideas on food security, environment, health, and economic growth of the food sector.

Some key themes of the report are:

  • Governance
  • Indigenous food sovereignty & security
  • School food
  • Pesticides & biodiversity
  • Income security
  • Waste reduction

Among the key themes outlined by participants, Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Community Based approaches as ways to advance food security in Canada were highlighted in the report. Big thanks to Agriculture and Agri-food Canada and Food Secure Canada and the many others who helped engage Canadians!

Read the full report here! 

Importantly, Food Secure Canada recently published a short response to this Report including a synopsis of “wins” and “disappointments” from the Report.

“The food movement along with Indigenous Peoples have some wins to celebrate, such as the need to emphasize governance and reconciliation, environment and food security. But other concepts like the right to food and sustainable diets that are good for the planet and for people, fail to get traction. There are some troubling omissions – was there really no mention of fruits and vegetables or moving from meat to plant-based diets, or consideration of labour concerns?”

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