Erin Shapero

December 14th, 2011
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Erin Shapero, Markham City Councillor and local food leader

Local Food Hero 2008

Erin Shapero took charge of organizing the necessary resources to make Markham the first city in Canada to consciously purchase local, sustainable and fair trade food. She also has considerable experience working with Local Food Plus, a non-profit organization committed to supporting local sustainable food systems.

Unique Food System Problem

Shapero has long been concerned with the loss of prime farmland in Ontario, primarily as a cause of urban and suburban development encroaching upon the Greenbelt region. This urban growth is having a negative effect on the farmers supplying our food.

Unique Food System Solution

Shapero wanted to be proactive in supporting farmers, thus she organized a local, sustainable and fair trade procurement strategy for the City of Markham. Under her direction, the strategy has converted over 25% of the city’s total food purchases to support local farmers. She currently works for Local Food Plus, where she is involved with municipal and provincial governments and the University of Toronto, in making the transition to sustainable food sourcing.