City of Toronto joins National Zero Waste Council to Reduce Food Waste

The City of Toronto is taking part in the Love Food Hate Waste public education campaign which joins Canada’s National Zero Waste Council (NZWC), private sector partners and other Canadian municipalities to reduce food waste across the country. Councillor Mike Layton and City staff helped the NZWC kick off their campaign with retail partners from Walmart and Sobey’s at Nathan Phillips Square on Wednesday July 18th.  

“The Love Food Hate Waste campaign aligns perfectly with the NZWC’s Food Loss and Waste Strategy for Canada,” said Councillor Mike Layton (Ward 19 Trinity-Spadina). “I am excited to see cross-sector collaboration, including major Canadian municipalities and retailers coming together to spread awareness of this increasingly important issue.”

The importance for a effective Long Term Waste Management Strategy in Toronto is amplified by the fact that food waste reduction as a key priority could potentially reduce the amount of waste sent to disposal by up to 34,000 tonnes per year in the next 10 years.”We can all help the environment by working to reduce the amount of food wasted in our home,” said Mayor John Tory, “The average Canadian household wastes about 140 kg of food per year, which translates to more than $1,100 of their hard-earned money being wasted. A lot of this waste is easily avoidable.”

This campaign was developed and implemented in the United Kingdom 10 years ago and has proven to help reduce consumer food waste by more than 20 per cent. For more information and the history of Love Food Hate Waste visit:  

A Fact Sheet on 2017 Food Waste Facts and Figures is available here