Cheyenne Sundance on why we need food justice, now and after COVID-19

June 24th, 2020

Cheyenne Sundance is the founder of Sundance Harvest, a food justice-centred year-round urban farm located in Toronto, Ontario.  Cheyenne’s work reimagines a world where anti-racism, justice and climate change are all centred in the ways in which we operate. She is calling for a full systems change.

In addition to growing and teaching with Sundance Harvest, she also started the initiative, Liberating Lawns, a yard-sharing project matching prospective food growers with landholders. The program seeks to increase local food security and offers another way those who own land an opportunity to support the community. Cheyenne also started the Growing in the Margins program that engages Black and Indigenous queer, trans, and 2-spirited youth in the principles of food sovereignty and empowers them o become justice-centred urban growers. There is a GoFundMe to support the initiative (Read More).

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