Awareness about food issues is skyrocketing, and people are taking action for a better food system.

These articles review the strategies people and places are developing to transform their food system.

Ideas of food democracy and citizenship are explored.

Introduction Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adequacy Agency

Food Citizenship and Community Food Security: Lessons from Toronto, Canada

Abstract: The Toronto Food Policy Council (TFPC) was created in 1990 as a vehicle for “food citizenship.” Its creators challenged the assumptions that hunger was mainly a problem of income

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Reflective Action in the Academy: Exploring Praxis in Critical Geography Using a “Food Movement” Case Study

Abstract: One of the key components of critical geography is praxis—defined here as the melding of theory/reflection and practice/action as part of a conscious struggle to transform the world. Put

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The Citizen-Consumer Hybrid: Ideological Tensions and the Case of the Whole Foods Market

Abstract: Ethical consumer discourse is organized around the idea that shopping, and particularly food shopping, is a way to create progressive social change. A key component of this discourse is

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Learning Democracy Through Food Justice Movements

Abstract: Over time, the corporate food economy has led to the increased separation of people from the sources of their food and nutrition. This paper explores the opportunity for grassroots,

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Scaling Up: Bringing Public Institutions and Food Service Corporations into the Project for a Local, Sustainable Food System in Ontario

Abstract: This paper reports on a relationship between the University of Toronto and a non-profit, non-governmental (“third party”) certifying organization called Local Flavour Plus (LFP). The University as of August

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