What are the elements of a sustainable food system that regenerate our health and environment?

Sustainable urban design, local sustainable food procurement, organic and agroecological food production ensure that we are adequately planning for the future.

Introduction Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adequacy Agency

France A Leader in Curbing Food Waste

France has made it the norm to reduce waste! Hurrah! Click here to find out how.

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Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy – What They Heard

One year ago, Employment and Social Development Canada launched a consultation process to inform the development of a Canadian Poverty Reduction Strategy. Over 600 Canadians were consulted in 33

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The Way to a City’s Heart is Through its Stomach: Putting Food Security on the Urban Planning Menu

Abstract: Given the overarching importance of food in urban life, planners need to put food closer to the top of their planning menu. Since systems of food security are as

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Bringing Local Food Home: Legal, Regulatory and Institutional Barriers to Local Food

Abstract: Ontario’s Greenbelt, covering 1.8 million acres from Niagara Falls to Tobermory to Peterborough, contains some of the most fertile farmland in Canada including the Holland Marsh and the Niagara

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Designing for Food and Agriculture: Recent Explorations at Ryerson University

Abstract: Recently, architecture faculty and students at Ryerson University in Toronto, and at a number of other universities, have been exploring the  role that planners, landscape designers, and architects can

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