Where we live and our ability to access fresh food impacts our health and quality of life.

These articles document the changing food environment in and around Toronto and cover topics such as retail and purchasing, procurement, income and inclusion.

Introduction Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adequacy Agency

Placing Food

Abstract: The cornucopia that tempts Torontonians and other global urbanites is distracting us from the serious and growing problem of placeless food. If we look to the most common place

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Discussion Paper Number Seven: Food Retail Access and Food Security for Toronto’s Low-Income Citizens

Abstract: Nutritionally vulnerable citizens can live in areas that are the least well served by the dominant system. They also are the least likely to have access to cars to

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The Potential for Mobile Produce Vending in Toronto

Abstract: The Toronto Food Strategy is interested in exploring the potential for mobile vending to improve access to fresh produce in underserved neighbourhoods. Mobile produce vending could take many forms, but in

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Lost in the Supermarket: The Corporate-Organic Foodscape and the Struggle for Food Democracy

Abstract: This paper examines how the corporate-organic foodscape has interacted and evolved alongside competing counter movements of food democracy. Using discourse and content analysis, we examine how corporate organics incorporate

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