The Greater Toronto Area is the most diverse area in Canada, with ever-changing waves of immigrants from around the world.

How do we ensure the food available is culturally acceptable for the diverse diets of our population?

How is Toronto’s diversity shaping our foodshed in exciting ways?

Introduction Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adequacy Agency

Food-Related Household Work and Learning Among New Chinese Immigrant Women

Abstract: This presentation explores the gendered and cultural dimensions of household work, and examines the experiences of Chinese immigrant women in Toronto. Analysis shows that household work changes over the

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Women’s Identities and Food Practices: Practices of Settlement and Resistance in Immigrant Toronto

Abstract: This study aims to examine how food mediates settlement experiences of immigrant and refugee women and the changes in their roles, responsibilities and identities in Toronto, Ontario. It explores

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A Tale of Three Tomatoes: The New Food Economy in Toronto, Canada

Abstract: Since the mid-1990s, the most dynamic component of the Toronto urban food economy has been the small- and medium-sized enterprises, comprised mainly of specialty, local, ethnic, and organic food-processing

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