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Tackling food waste: Local organization opens community fridges in the GTA

“Take what you need, share with others.” Did you know 2 community fridges are open in Toronto that offer the surplus food from the adjacent restaurant to the public? A

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Value Food to Protect our Climate

When thinking about fighting climate change we often overlook a very significant source of gas emissions: food. This article by Pete Pearson talks about the way in which agricultural

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City of Toronto joins National Zero Waste Council to Reduce Food Waste

The City of Toronto is taking part in the Love Food Hate Waste public education campaign which joins Canada’s National Zero Waste Council (NZWC), private sector partners and other

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Cathleen Kneen Award

The Cathleen Kneen Award is an award given out by Food Secure Canada every two years to recognize vision, leadership and commitment to grassroots activism in building a more just and ecological food system.

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Call for Ideas on the Future of Food

The Global Alliance for the Future of Food has announced a Call for Ideas – 2050: Visions for Global Food Systems Transformation

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