Municipal Food Policy

Over 64 municipal and regional governments across Canada are using a food systems approach to improve health, generate economic development, address environmental sustainability, and engage communities.
This approach is documented in a report entitled “Municipal Food Policy Entrepreneurs: A preliminary analysis of how Canadian cities and regional food districts are involved in food systems change.” Please follow the link to read more about this research.

The Toronto Food Policy Council has compiled the results of that initial research. Our goal is to create a complete list of initiatives across the country.

You can access this list geographically (by clicking on the map above), by category, or by tag.
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We have only posted information from initiatives across the country that we were able to gather a significant amount of information about. If you would like to add your municipal food policy initiative to this list please fill out this template with as much information as possible.

Municipal/Regional FPCs with strong government connection

This includes formal endorsements, structural linkage, accountability to a government body, or where political or administrative staff facilitates the FPC’s work. There also exists a ready conduit into the municipal government structure

FPCs/Roundtables facilitated by government

A government representative sits and participates in the development of a strategy, but the organization is not embedded in or housed by government. This can include municipalities, counties, districts, and regions.

Regional initiatives not connected to an official FPC, but where governments are involved

This category includes regions that are doing work on food policy, such as developing a food strategy, but where there is no official regional FPC structure, but governments are involved.

Local CSO based Food Networks Category A

This organization is not formally connected to government although it may have some minimal ties or receive funding from government.

County, District, Regional FPCs

The organization is not formally connected to government although it may have some minimal ties or receive funding.

Food Policy Initiatives by Region