Greg Herriott

Greg Herriott of Hempola Farms, founder and president of HEMPOLA

Local Food Hero 2009

Hempola Farms is located just north of Barrie. In the 1990s Greg became a pioneer of what is sometimes called “industrial hemp” – hemp grown for either food or industrial uses. More recently, he has pioneered the use of hemp and other oil seeds as both healthy food oils and clean biofuels. Greg’s approach shows that food and fuel production do not need to be in competition, and can in fact open doors to new farm revenue sources that combine healthy food and green energy. Greg works to bring sustainable food and fuel to Toronto.

Unique Food System Problem

The hemp plant has an amazing number of eco-friendly uses. At the farm gate, where most farmers have to choose between providing products for industrial use or for food, Hempola Farms provides an encouraging example that food and biofuels can co-exist and that farm production does not have to be restricted to mass, conventionally-grown crops to earn a decent revenue.

Unique Food System Solution

Herriott’s vision and mission is to expose consumers to the wonders of the hemp plant, both through industrial uses and as a nutritious food product. Greg has developed a line of salad dressings, flour, butter, and pre-mixed muffin batter to sell in large supermarket chains. He also sells other parts of the hemp plant to various industries.  All the hemp is sustainably grown on Hempola Farms and Herriott aims to fully utilize his crops by reducing waste and by supporting green energy practices.