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Designing for Food and Agriculture: Recent Explorations at Ryerson University

Abstract: Recently, architecture faculty and students at Ryerson University in Toronto, and at a number of other universities, have been exploring the  role that planners, landscape designers, and architects can

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Community Supported Agriculture in the City: The Case of Toronto

Abstract: Community supported agriculture (CSA) projects, previously viewed primarily as rural enterprises, are now starting to appear in cities, including Toronto. Urban CSAs address the new food movement’s objectives as

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Toronto’s Green Roof Policy and Urban Food Production

Abstract: This article highlights potential connections between Toronto’s Green Roof Policy and rooftop food production, suggesting both can be encouraged. It distinguishes between green roofs and rooftop gardening, discussing the

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Scaling Up Urban Agriculture in Toronto: Building the Infrastructure

Abstract: This report describes the current state of urban agriculture in the city and offers suggestions for action in five areas: increasing urban growers’ access to spaces for production;putting in

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Cultivating Potential: Planning for Urban Agriculture in Toronto’s Hydro Corridors

Abstract: While a rising number of urban farmers and gardeners are looking to grow food in cities, high-voltage transmission lines carrying electricity into Toronto hang over an area of undeveloped

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