Waiting for a Food Policy for Canada

Food Secure Canada and many other groups and organizations spent years lobbying for the development of a national food policy in Canada. In November 2015 the Trudeau government charged the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food (AAFC) to lead this development. With online and in-person consultations being held throughout summer 2017, there are no signs of reports from those hearing. The policy was originally expected to be announced May 2018.

During this prolonged process, Food Secure Canada has continued actively pushing their agenda. Here are some ways they have been pushing their case for a national food policy:

MPs and Senators have also been championing school food and local food. The Coalition for Healthy School Food issued a press statement in support of  Senator Art Eggleton’s motion calling on the federal government to launch a national nutrition program for children and youth. The drive for growth in the food sector is also gathering pace. Agri-food was identified as a priority export growth sector by the government’s Advisory Council on Economic Growth. Their “Barton report” established an ambitious target of $75 billion for agri-food exports by 2025, with scant regard for local and domestic markets, food security or impacts on climate change targets.

Find more information and examples on how canadian food policy has continued being pushed despite the long wait for promised action on Canada’s food systems and food policy read FSC’s full blog on the subject: https://foodsecurecanada.org/resources-news/news-media/waiting-food-policy-canada