Marianne Moroney

Marianne Moroney

 Marianne Moroney, Street Food Vendor and Advocate

Local Food Hero 2013

Marianne Moroney is a tireless advocate for street food policy reform in Toronto. Marianne is an innovative street food vendor and founder of the Toronto Street Food Vendors Association. Marianne is known for her work with vendors at City Hall.  She has always respected their work and has advocated for them. She fights for street food vendors and believes that they can contribute to a healthier and more diverse street food menu. Marianne has stated that this is a very dynamic city and that education is important when it comes to food on the streets. Marianne operates her own street food business at 600 University Avenue, where she started as a hot dog vendor and later received a revised license to sell additional items.

Unique Food System Problem

Street food vendors are present in cities around the world to meet demand for quick and delicious food that is readily available. City of Toronto by-laws impose a number of fees on street food vendors and place restrictions on where they can park and what food they can sell.

Unique Food System Solution

Marianne has worked as a tireless advocate for more street food options and for the rights of street food vendors. Toronto Municipal Licensing & Standards issued Marianne a revised license that allows her to sell hot dogs, sausages, cold drinks, hot drinks, packaged food, sandwiches, confections, baked sweet and regular potatoes, grilled fruit and vegetable, salad, veggie burgers, soup and corn on the cob. Go to the Toronto Street Food Project to learn more about the campaign to allow a wider variety of options for street food vendors across the City.