Elena Quistini


Elena Quistini, President and CEO of Pasta Quistini Inc.

Local Food Hero 2008

Pasta Quistini is the home of Canada’s pasta queen! Elena started her pasta company in 1981 for her diabetic mother and has since expanded to be a producer of a wide variety of organic, halal and kosher pastas. The company produces for many private-label distributors, as well as under its own label. She recently moved her 28-year-old company back to Toronto because she wants engage with the city’s multicultural scene. Elena was one of the leading deputantes to come before City Council’s Management Committee to encourage them to support City purchase of local and sustainably-produced foods; her presentation had a very positive impact.

Unique Food System Problem

When Elena’s mother developed diabetes, and was devastated to learn that she would not be able to eat pasta anymore, Elena set out to develop a healthy fresh pasta recipe that would suit her mother’s new diet.

Unique Food System Solution

Since its inception, Pasta Quistini has been selling fresh, delicious, and healthy pasta to its customers, surpassing the available commercial varieties in nutrition and taste. Later, this was expanded to pasta sauces. Quistini accomplished this through a firm commitment to local ingredients, sustainable supplier sourcing, and organic agriculture.