Food Waste: Tips to Reduce Residential Food Waste


Approximately 47% of food wasted in Canada occurs at home.[i] Statistics Canada estimates that in 2007 Canadians wasted the equivalent of 183 kilograms of solid food per person between retail level and the plate, amounting to over six million tonnes.[ii] The following links provide tips on reducing residential food waste:

14 Ways to Waste Less Food and Local Produce Storage Guide By Kim Keitner (Fresh City Farms)

29 Smart and Easy Tips to Reduce Food Waste By Laura Newcomer

Top Tips on Reducing Food Waste (including preservation methods) By Think-Eat-Save

How to Save Money on Food by Wasting Less (including short videos of top 5 tips) By Shrink That Footprint

34 Ways to Waste Less Food By Deena Shanker

Shaping Traditional Oral Knowledge (including ways to store food without a fridge) By Jihyun Ryou

Save Food From the Fridge (Short Video) By Jihyun Ryou

Use your Fridge with Sallie (Short Video) By Love Food Hate Waste

Five Ways to End Food Waste (including tips on storing fruit and vegetables) By David Suzuki’s Queen of Green



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