Another Reason for Low-Transit Food Options

People watch the sunset in Singapore, where the Pollutant Standards Index reached a high of 186 in October 2015. Edgar Su/Reuters


A massive new study links air pollution from cars to Type 2 diabetes and gives more reason for cities to ensure food assets are within low-transit distance to consumers. 

As  wrote in an article for The Atlantic, “this study is one of the largest of its kind, and it’s unique because it both is longitudinal and includes several types of controls. What’s more, it also quantifies exactly how many diabetes cases in the world are attributable to air pollution: 14 percent in 2016 alone. In the United States, it found, air pollution is responsible for 150,000 cases of diabetes.”

The study suggests that current limits on air pollution might be too high.

What more reason do we need to invest in localized food assets?