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Edible Backyards: a Qualitative Study of Household Food Growing and its Contributions to Food Security

Abstract: In this exploratory assessment of the contribution home food gardening makes to community food security, in-depth interviews were conducted with gardeners in two contrasting neighborhoods in Toronto, Canada. It

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Cultivating Potential: Planning for Urban Agriculture in Toronto’s Hydro Corridors

Abstract: While a rising number of urban farmers and gardeners are looking to grow food in cities, high-voltage transmission lines carrying electricity into Toronto hang over an area of undeveloped

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Can Green Roofs Provide Habitat for Urban Bees (Hymenoptera: Apidae)?

Abstract: Increasing urbanization of many regions of the world has resulted in the decline of suitable habitat for wild flora and fauna. Green roofs have been suggested as a potential

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Nurturing Fruit and Vegetable Processing in Ontario

Abstract: This paper examines the structural, legislative, economic, and regulatory frameworks that have led to an Ontario food-processing sector that is inadequate for many small and medium-scale farmers. We review

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Could Toronto Provide 10% of its Fresh Vegetable Requirements from within its own Boundaries? Matching Consumption Requirements with Growing Spaces

Abstract: Is it feasible for Toronto to produce and market 10% of its fresh vegetable requirements from within its own boundary, without competing with existing Ontario vegetable producers? Using zoning

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