What are the elements of a sustainable food system that regenerate our health and environment?

Sustainable urban design, local sustainable food procurement, organic and agroecological food production ensure that we are adequately planning for the future.

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Healthy Food and Diabetes

Abstract: It has been argued that food quality is the most critical factor that promotes health in urban environments. Diets rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole grains have been associated

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Fast Food and Diabetes (Pt. 2)

Abstract: This section builds on Pt. 1 by providing detailed maps and spatial analysis of fast food and diabetes in Toronto. Citation: Maria I. Creatore, Kelly Ross, Peter Gozdyra, Gillian L. Booth,

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Fast Food and Diabetes

Abstract: Fast food has been implicated as a contributor to the current and growing levels of obesity in western societies. Soft drinks, fried foods and other high-calorie/high-fat foods are being consumed

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The Growing Prevalence of Diabetes in Ontario: Are We Prepared?

Abstract: The prevalence of diabetes in Ontario has increased dramatically over the past decade and has already exceeded the global increase that was projected to occur by 2030. Although diabetes

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