Where we live and our ability to access fresh food impacts our health and quality of life.

These articles document the changing food environment in and around Toronto and cover topics such as retail and purchasing, procurement, income and inclusion.

Introduction Availability Accessibility Acceptability Adequacy Agency

Farmers’ Markets and their Practices Concerning Income, Privilege and Race: A Case Study of the Wychwood Artscape Barns in Toronto

Abstract: Farmers’ markets provide high quality, local produce and are often considered an environmentally sustainable food practice. United States studies have scrutinized farmers’ markets as exclusionary white spaces that are

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In Every Community a Place for Food: The Role of the Community Food Centre

Abstract: Since food banks were first established in the early 1980s, a growing number of Ontarians have come to rely on food charities to meet their basic needs. These under-resourced

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A Nonprofit System for Fresh-Produce Distribution: The Case of Toronto, Canada

Abstract: Every month, 4 000 boxes of fresh fruit and vegetables are delivered to 200 volunteer-run neighbourhood dropoffs in Metropolitan Toronto. The Good Food Box (GFB) project of FoodShare Metro

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Food Deserts and Priority Neighbourhoods in Toronto

Abstract: While the benefits of a healthy diet on an individual’s quality of life and general health are becoming widely recognized, basic access to quality and affordable food remains a

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Placing Food

Abstract: The cornucopia that tempts Torontonians and other global urbanites is distracting us from the serious and growing problem of placeless food. If we look to the most common place

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