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Calling on the Federal Government to Launch a National Nutrition Program

Senator Art Eggleton, Former Mayer of Toronto, tabled a motion (no. 358) on June 14th, 2018 to call on the federal government to launch a national nutrition program for

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Child Health Protection Act just the start of healthier food environments for kids

“A 2017 report from the Heart and Stroke Foundation found that in one year, Canadian children aged 2 to 11 viewed more than 25 million food and drink ads

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How Teaching Kids to Cook Builds Confidence and Community

“As children learn to talk and reason, they’ll be refining their communication and early math skills, reading and measuring. As kids get older, teaching them basic knife and fire-safety skills will give them self-confidence and autonomy in the kitchen.”

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Finding Balance between Nutrition and Seafood Sustainability

"From a production perspective, the recommendation to double consumption is concerning because wild-caught seafood supplies are threatened...At the same time, nearly half of the US seafood supply is wasted, according to one estimate."

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